Behold!! Puzzele's Preposterous & Unorthodox Resume / TV / Dating Audition !!  

I can explain!! I was recently contacted by casting who requested I expeditiously submit an audition video for a new TV show. Consequently, I immediately made the following video in a single take but thereafter felt I wasn't a good fit for the show so decided not to apply. However, after watching the video and laughing at myself, I felt that rather than bury it, perhaps it could serve as a preposterous and completely unorthodox way to find a new employment opportunity, a new TV challenge, or perhaps even result in a date with a woman! Accordingly, I proudly present my preposterous video and welcome future opportunities regardless if legally related or ludicrous.

PS: I was reluctant to release such a goofy video as I feared people might laugh at me and/or I anticipate my future employer may see it (i.e.  lawyer position).  However, per #1 of the 5 regrets of the dying, “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”










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